libSNA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) What is Social Network Analysis?
Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the study of the relationships (links) between people (nodes) in a network. SNA combines elements of mathematical graph theory, sociology, and matrix algebra to product quantitative measures that describe patterns of association.

(2) What is libSNA?
libSNA is the premier open source library for conducting SNA research. Written in the object oriented programming language Python, libSNA provides a simple programming interface for applying SNA to large scale networks. libSNA is built on top of the open source library networkX; without networkX, libSNA would not be possible.

(3) Why did you open source this?
I am a believer in open source. I trust that if I make my code publicly available, it will be improved and adapted in ways that I never would have envisioned.

(4) What are the pre-requisites for using libSNA?

  • Python 2.4+
  • NetworkX
  • A basic understanding of social network theory

(5) How can I contribute?
Please submit bugs, feature requests, and other recommendations to feedback[at]